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Kraft describes Brady’s future as a “dual decision”


Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been saying for the past few years that he wants to play “10 more years.” At some point, however, his career could conclude on a team other than the Patriots.

Brett Favre ultimately wanted to play longer than the Packers wanted him. Ditto for Peyton Manning and the Colts. Thus, there’s a chance that, at some point, Brady’s desire to play football will extend beyond the Patriots’ desire for Brady to play football for them.

""I’d love him to be here as long as he’s productive and feels he wants to play,” owner Robert Kraft told Tom Curran of CSN New England on Friday.

As long as he’s productive. Which means that, at some point, the team may conclude that Brady is not productive. Or at least not as productive as some other option the team has at quarterback.

Which means that Brady at some point could be playing for another team.

“That’s his choice but I would surely never like to see that happen,” Kraft said.

Of course, the Packers didn’t want to see Favre play for someone else, and the Colts didn’t want to see Manning elsewhere, either. At some point, however, the desire to not have the quarterback play for his long-time team outweighs the desire that he not play for another one.

"[E]verything is a dual decision,” Kraft said.

He’s right. Brady has to want to keep playing, and the Patriots have to want him to keep playing for the Patriots. It gets interesting if/when Brady’s assessment of his remaining abilities doesn’t mesh with the team’s assessment of them.

Or, perhaps more accurately, when Brady’s assessment of his value doesn’t mesh with the team’s. That could come after the 2014 season, when Brady becomes a free agent.