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Le’Veon Bell says he was asked questions about sexuality


And now there are two.

Of the 330-plus players who attended the Scouting Combine, two have admitted on the record that questions were asked indirectly about sexual orientation.

First, it was Colorado tight end Nick Kasa, who was asked by at least one team, “Do you like girls?” Now, Michigan State running back Le’Veon Bell says that questions indirectly were posed regarding sexuality.

“Yeah, yeah, there were questions just like that,” Bell told WDFN radio, via the Detroit News. “There were definitely a couple weird questions. I got asked so many of them, I don’t remember them all. But that was definitely a couple questions I got asked.”

The NFL has reacted strongly to the situation. But it remains to be seen whether actions will match words. At a minimum, Kasa and Bell need to be questioned by the league office about the questions posed during the Scouting Combine.

To do it right, all of the players who attended the Scouting Combine should be asked about the questions they were asked.

And if the NFL determines that one or more teams crossed the line, the NFL needs to take action. The best way to get a team’s attention is to take away draft picks. In this specific setting, where teams are violating league policy (and in some juridictions the law) by asking questions aimed at helping the teams use their draft picks, it makes perfect sense to strip picks.