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Marijuana isn’t a “growing problem” for the NFL


The headline in the Detroit News claims that marijuana is a “growing problem” for the Lions and the NFL.

While growing marijuana can be a problem (especially when living next door to a judge) the only growing problem involving marijuana and the Lions is that their top two draft picks in 2011 got caught with it, allegedly, earlier this year.

Marijuana is and has been a fact of life for many athletes, for many years. The estimate from former NFL tackle Lomas Brown that 50 percent of the players in the NFL smoke marijuana should be surprising not because it seems high, but because it seems low.

And plenty of teams don’t care if a guy smokes marijuana, as long as a guy who has been caught is able to quit smoking marijuana before smoking marijuana jeopardizes his ability to play football. If/when the time comes to choose football over marijuana, the team needs the player to choose football.

So smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. Because if you get caught, you eventually need to stop smoking ‘em.