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Mike Sims-Walker offered to take the fall for Brandon Marshall’s alleged punch


Apparently, former NFL receiver Mike Sims-Walker was paying close attention during Cris Carter day at the 2007 Rookie Symposium.

Via Dom Cosentino of, Sims-Walker testified in the civil assault lawsuit against Jets receiver Brandon Marshall that Sims-Walker was willing to take the fall for the punch Marshall allegedly threw outside a Manhattan club on March 11, 2012. Sims-Walker’s testimony, obtained previously through a sworn deposition, was introduced into the record on Wednesday.

“If I need to, I’ll take the blame; I’ll say I hit her,” Sims-Walker, who played with Marshall at Central Florida and played for the Jaguars and Rams, said that he texted to Marshall. The testimony also received that Marshall at one point texted to Sims-Walker, “Man, we gotta be smart. We already won the criminal charge.”

Plaintiff Christin Myles testified Tuesday that she took a swing at Sims-Walker before being punched by Marshall. Per Cosentino, grainy security video shown Wednesday in court seems to show Marshall throwing a punch.

Marshall was never arrested. The jury will eventually be asked to determine whether, under the low standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt (i.e., more probable than not), they believe that Marshall struck Myles. The jury also will be asked to place a dollar value on the injuries sustained, if they believe Marshall struck Myles.

Myles claimed while testifying on Tuesday that she has lingering eye, neck, and back injuries.

Marshall took the stand on Wednesday, but his testimony covered only basic background information before the judge decided to end court for the day.