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NFL has no comment on report that Daniel Snyder has resumed his day-to-day role

The Washington Times reported that Daniel Snyder is back in day-to-day operations with the Commanders, so Mike Florio and Charean Williams wonder what’s coming next in Washington.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell said that Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder continues to not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the team. Thereafter, the Washington Times reported that Snyder has indeed returned to his prior involvement.

We asked the league for comment on the contention from the Times. The league had nothing to add, beyond Goodell’s comments from Tuesday.

The problem, obviously, is that the Times report dramatically conflicts with Goodell’s public proclamation. So either the report is wrong or Goodell was wrong.

And if Goodell was wrong, either Goodell knows the truth and wasn’t sharing it or Snyder hasn’t told Goodell the truth about Snyder’s involvement with the team.

Whatever the truth may be, the situation is confusing. Given, however, that the Commanders and/or Snyder didn’t issue a loud and pointed denial of the Times report, maybe the situation shouldn’t be confusing at all.