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NFL satisfied with Lynch’s participation in Media Day


Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch showed up at Media Day. Sure, he abandoned his designated position, hid off to the side, and ultimately said “sh-t” while being interviewed on NFL Network, but he showed up.

Apparently, that’s good enough for the NFL.

“Players are required to participate and he participated,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT by email on Tuesday night. “We will continue to monitor the situation.”

They’ll continue to monitor the situation because Lynch’s $50,000 fine for not cooperating with the media during the 2013 season has been suspended pending his ongoing cooperation with the league’s media policies. And if he fails to cooperate in the future, the fine will be reinstated -- and doubled.

McCarthy didn’t address whether Lynch will be punished for cursing on the league-owned TV channel. Since the FCC rules regarding decency apply only to over-the-air broadcasts and not cable, the NFL won’t be facing any potential governmental sanction.