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One day left to get Father of Mine for 99 cents

It’s the last weekend before the draft. You’re looking for something to do.

Here are two ideas. One, buy an ebook for 99 cents. Two, read it. (In that order.)

Father of Mine, a mob story set in 1973, is available until Monday morning for only 99 cents.

If you buy it and read it, you’ll be ready for the sequel, which is coming in September. Hopefully.

Writing it was fairly easy. Editing it — and editing it, and editing it, and editing it some more — takes some time. But it’s worth it. The stuff we write here has a very limited shelf life, since there’s always a new day with a new development to cover or a new idea to present. It’s nice to have something that provides a little entertainment beyond the day it was written and posted.

I love the feeling of reading a good book. I look forward to carving out time to read more of it, and I don’t want to read it too fast, because then I’ll have to find another good book to read. My goal is to write stuff I’d feel that way about reading. Which was the same idea when we flipped the switch on this operation back in 2001.

It’s a fairly simple concept. Create the thing you would want to consume. Executing that concept is a different issue.

For only 99 cents, you can find out whether I pulled it off.