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Will Vikings, Justin Jefferson get a deal done by Sunday?

It’s big-contract season for certain players. It’s far from certain whether Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson will be getting one.

Earlier today, a source with knowledge of the situation pegged the likelihood of a new contract before Sunday for the reigning offensive player of the year at 30 percent.

“The ball is in the Vikings’ court,” the source said.

Jefferson recently made his feelings on the matter clear.

Of course I would want a contract to be done, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to them and what ownership wants to do with that,” Jefferson said.

We’ve mentioned one or twice that the structure the Vikings employ could be a problem. They do not fully guarantee money beyond the current year. They have made an exception for quarterback Kirk Cousins, but for no one else.

They would be wise to make an exception for Jefferson, too. Teams worry too much about such situations creating a bad precedent with certain contract terms, with other players wanting the same treatment.

If that happens, the response is simple. Play like Justin Jefferson, and we’ll treat you that way, too.