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XFL provides full transparency on replay reviews

Mike Florio and Chris Simms argue the pros and cons to the USFL and XFL revising the touchback rule on fumbles to give the ball back to the offense, and how it relates to the current NFL rules.

The latest edition of the XFL kicked off its season this afternoon, and while the quality of play is nowhere close to the NFL, the quality of the replay review process is an improvement.

Former NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino is the XFL’s head of officiating, and on the broadcast the cameras show Blandino in the replay booth, reviewing the replays and communicating to the referee on the field what the correct call is.

On the first replay, a review of a pass that was ruled incomplete on the field but was actually complete, Blandino quickly fixed the mistake on the field, and the fans watching at home could hear Blandino telling the referee that the pass was complete, where to spot the ball, and when to start the clock.

The process was fast and effective, and letting the fans watch it was a great innovation. The NFL has never provided that kind of transparency.