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With Esquire shoot, Artemi Panarin goes from ‘Breadman’ to Sweat Pantarin


The NHL shared glorious images from Rangers superstar Artemi Panarin’s Esquire Russia photoshoot, and they’re just incredible. Those Panarin Esquire photos are momentous enough that we should change his nickname from “The Breadman” to “Sweat Pantarin.”

(Or, we should at least rotate his nicknames. Just throwing it out there.)

Sweat-pant over these amazing Artemi Panarin Esquire photos

As others noted, you can also detect a pandemic fashion vibe from Panarin’s Esquire photos. On camera, you’d see the sleek leather jacket. Off screen? Comfy sweats.

Here’s the tweet from the NHL:

There’s just a lot to take in here, folks. In the upper right-side image, we observe the rule of “When in doubt, accessorize.” It also sure looks like Panarin’s sneaking in sneakers at the top left. But the bottom two images rank as my personal favorites.

As you can see above, Panarin posted the bottom right one to his Instagram account. It’s worth a click to see comments from teammates former and current. (Enjoy the simplicity of Brendan Lemieux merely posting “Bread model.”)

That image provides the most substantial evidence that Panarin was, indeed, wearing sweatpants. (Fashionistas are tricky these days. Sometimes jean-like clothing could instead be glorified pajamas. These are important, yet confusing innovations.)

While the elastic band may be the enduring image of that shoot, don’t sleep on this complete photo. As much as socks-without-shoes rank as trendy, this complete package really gives off the vibe that Panarin is hastily walking his dog, or even grabbing the morning newspaper when it’s awfully cold outside:


Of course, all of this insight comes from an author who basically dresses like Panarin, only with far cheaper clothes. (Also, my cellphone is my watch, folks.)

Some of you out there might actually know a thing or two about fashion. And trends! So, some help: what do you think about these photos? Does Panarin look snazzy? Any other nickname ideas? Do tell.

James O’Brien is a writer for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Drop him a line at or follow him on Twitter @cyclelikesedins.