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Mike Modano is going as a mid-life crisis for Halloween



For at least three off-seasons, I campaigned heavily for Mike Modano to retire. He finally did so in 2011.

As adamant as I am that great players should be allowed to play as long as they want, it’s equally sad to watch them be reduced to shells of their former athletic selves. It’s a shame that newer hockey fans will be left with lesser Modano memories, but that’s just the way it is sometimes.

It’s weird to eat some crow after a player retires, but maybe most of us were wrong about Modano saving face upon retirement. One of the all-time legends of USA Hockey is spending his new-found free time by posting some real non sequiturs on his Twitter account, but this random picture of what he “might” wear for Halloween really takes the cake:


(photo via Mike Modano’s Twitter account, with the caption: “Halloween option..? LMFAO guy..”)

Um, OK then. Honestly, it’s all in good fun, although I cannot help but wonder who the “guy” is. I’m assuming it’s an example of a rhetorical use of the word “guy,” which is a little different from the editorial “we.”

Update: My pal from The Royal Half informed me that Modano was making a (shirtless) reference to the musical duo LMFAO. I will now feel older than a 41 year old man.

Anyway, it could be worse, really. Modano could spend his post-hockey crisis as “The Ambassador of Fun” only to sign Sean Avery to horribly misguided contract. Instead he’s providing really weird, random entertainment for everyone on the Internet. When you really break it down, it’s actually something that we can all get behind.

His costume needs a little work, though.