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Wieber Watch: When is Jordyn coming back?


Jordyn Wieber’s much anticipated return to gymnastics was originally set to take place at the US National Championships in August, just about a year after she won Olympic gold with team USA. But now Team Wieber appears to be sending some mixed signals to fans and competitors.

Her coach, the limelight loving, big talking John Geddert (who we not-so-secretly love to watch) recently allowed two gymnastics sites into his gym to record mini-documentaries chronicling Jordyn’s return. Both hit the web in the last few weeks, and sent out very different messages. First up was Gymnastike’s “Beyond the Routine,” filmed earlier this year, in which Geddert discusses “championships” as he and Jordyn’s goal numerous times, even going as far as to say “I didn’t want this to be a publicity stunt.”

But in Triple Twist’s recent “A Look Inside Geddert’s USA”, the coach starts ever so casually stating that Jordyn simply has too many obligations this summer - including her sister’s wedding and medical school graduation, her own high school graduation, the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame ceremony - to continue training for nationals. Instead they will revisit where her training is at later this fall.

The stark contrast feels a tad off. In both videos Wieber is training close to her full difficulty, including the two-and-a-half twisting Yurchenko vault, aka: the Amanar, as well as her double twisting double summersault on floor as part of a brand new routine. Looks pretty serious to me. There wouldn’t be a reason for Jordyn to be training peak level skills if her planned peak for the year may not even happen.

Wieber is, however, working on new, more difficult, elements such as a “Weiler full” on the bars, which would be named the “Wieber” if she were to compete it at worlds, and a double turn combination on beam. There is a strong chance she needs more time to become comfortable with the new level of difficulty before competing. She also has yet to attend any of the monthly national training camps at the Karolyi ranch, where just this weekend fellow Fierce Five-ers Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney were seen. Maroney is rumored to be competing in the all-around this year.

But then again, Wieber just tweeted out this little message to fans about the “Beyond the Routine” and the upcoming 2013 championships:

My favorite BTR yet @gymnastike #2013Championships retweet if you BELIEVE in me.

— Jordyn Wieber (@jordyn_wieber) May 29, 2013

Is Geddert attempting to lower our expectations? Is Wieber taking her time and truly building towards Rio, instead of just a one off national championship? It remains to be seen, but it goes without saying a 2013 U.S. National Championships without Jordyn Wieber would feel oddly empty.