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Bundesliga striker celebrates goal by pulling on goat mascot’s horns


I can confidently say I have never felt the sudden urge to pull on a goat’s horns. Cologne striker Anthony Ujah cannot say the same.

After scoring a deflected goal today in Cologne’s 4-2 win over Eintracht Frankfurt, the 24-year-old sprinted euphorically towards the club’s mascot Hennes VIII - who happens to be a full-size male goat - and yanked its horns.

It can’t have been a good feeling for the goat, who I can only imagine thought for a moment its life was coming to an end. The handlers were caught off guard as well, and frantically attempted to keep the goat from sprinting away in fear. Mercifully, Ujah finally let go to join his teammates in celebration of his ninth goal of the season.

It is entirely unclear what Ujah was attempting to accomplish other than take out his sudden joy on the poor goat’s domepieces. Hennes Weisweiler must be rolling in his grave with voodoo pain.

Here is video below, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

With Major League Soccer’s opening weekend continuing today, hopefully there won’t be any attempt to top this in live-animal fashion, because that would likely mean there would be lions or bulls involved, and nobody wants to see that carnage.

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