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Ever Wonder why Newcastle fans are called Geordies?

Joe Prince-Wright explores how people hailing from northeast England became known as Geordies, and how the moniker became synonymous with Newcastle United.

Our ‘Ever Wonder’ series will run throughout the 2022-23 Premier League season and focuses on key stories behind the history, tradition and culture of all 20 Premier League clubs.

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Have you ever sat there and wondered why certain chants became iconic at a club? Why a team has a certain nickname? Why they play in those colors? How they were founded? Yep, us too.

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This season we will be digging deep to tell the stories of the rich history, tradition and culture from around the Premier League and give you the answers to things you want to know more about.

Ever wonder why Newcastle fans are called Geordies?

Newcastle’s fans are some of the most passionate in the Premier League and across the soccer world.

But have you ever wondered why Newcastle’s fans are called Geordies?

What is a Geordie?

A Geordie is defined as someone who hails from the far North East of England, particularly in the Tyneside area where the City of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Newcastle United, are based. Where does this term come from?

There are many theories including George being a very popular name for boys in the North East, a miners lamp created by George Stephenson and because the town supported King George I against the Jacobites in the mid 1700s

Geographically Newcastle is tucked away in the far north of England and a good distance away from Manchester, London and other large cities. That gives Geordies a distinct identity.

Speaking Geordie

A Geordie speaks, you guessed it, Geordie. The Geordie accent and local dialect is extremely distinctive and hails from the Anglo-Saxon settlers in the 5th century.

After all, Scandinavia is just a short hop across the North Sea from Newcastle.

Newcastle’s fans chant “Geordies’ throughout their games and it is a key part of who they are.

Geordie culture

From Newcastle Brown Ale being served in a glass called a Geordie Schooner to the TV show Geordie Shore (yes, it’s a spin-off of Jersey Shore) and the famed chant ‘ho’way the lads’ the Geordie culture engulfs the City of Newcastle and its beloved club, Newcastle United.

‘Wey aye, man! I went doon the toon to see Newcastle play. Eddie Howe is a canny bloke, like, and we’re gannin well. But I divven naw if we’ll get top 4. Gey it some welly, lads!”

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