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Watch the highlights -- and, surely, some lowlights -- from Travis and Jason Kelce’s opening round of the American Century Championship.
Mike Florio opens up the mailbag to discuss the Jim Trotter case, the Sunday Ticket trial verdict, the contract status of Chicago Bears rookies and more.
Mike Florio unpacks the news that Richard Seymour and Tom Brady are reportedly interested in joining forces to secure an ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders.
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has expressed interest in playing for the United States flag football team at the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.
Mike Florio discusses Jerry Jones’ lawsuit stemming from a breach of contract on a settlement agreement back in 1998.
Mike Florio reacts to Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Cameron Sutton being suspended eight games for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy, explaining why the situation is so eye-opening.
Mike Florio provides the latest update regarding former NFL Network reporter Jim Trotter’s lawsuit against the NFL for racism.
Mike Florio gives his first impression of Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants, discussing why it’s surprising that the organization allowed cameras in during important offseason conversations.
Mike Florio discusses the lack of coverage surrounding the NFL Sunday Ticket trial, explaining why he’s taking on an individual project to break down the specifics of the situation.
Mike Florio reacts to a report from Sportico estimating the NFL’s 2023 national revenue and what it means in relation to the potential money the league will have to shell out in its antitrust case.
Mike Florio opens up the mailbag to discuss the intricacies of NFL rookie signing bonuses, the upcoming College Football 25 video game and more.
Minnesota Vikings cornerback Khyree Jackson and two others died in a three-car crash in Maryland on Saturday. Mike Florio discusses the report from the Maryland State Police and the details of the crash.
Mike Florio opens the PFT PM mailbag to talk about the Cowboys’ handling of young stars, the offseason edition of “Hard Knocks,” the future of the Dolphins’ QB position and more.
Mike Florio discusses why more media companies and journalists should’ve been paying attention to the NFL’s Sunday Ticket trial and explains why the verdict is so significant.
Mike Florio provides three reasons for why NFL rookies could holdout at training camp, including cash flow of a signing bonus, if actions lead a team to void guarantees and the offset language of a contract.
Mike Florio takes a look at some big names who may hold out for more money this offseason and explains why players considering a “hold in” should just hold out.
Mike Florio opens up the mailbag and answers questions about celebrating 15 years of PFT, whether the Chiefs will actually move to Kansas and more.
Days after the NFL was ordered to pay billions of dollars in damages in the Sunday Ticket case, Mike Florio spells out the verdict’s aftermath and discusses whether the case could reach the Supreme Court.
Mike Florio analyzes the lengthy legal proceedings involving Jon Gruden after the former head coach lost a bid to keep NFL lawsuit in court.
Mike Florio comments on Tyreek Hill’s positive approach to seeking a new contract with the Dolphins, reiterating there is “no guarantee” of a new deal while pondering how Miami may approach the situation.
Mike Florio explains the salary cap problem facing the Cowboys right now and how they have “bungled” their most important contracts, which could lead to key absences at the start of training camp.
Mike Florio responds to Nick Wright’s comments regarding a ProFootballTalk story on Patrick Mahomes’ future, discussing Wright’s rebuttal and the Kansas City Star’s role in publicizing the interaction.
Mike Florio opens to the mailbag and answers questions about what might happen to NFL Sunday Ticket prices after the lawsuit verdict and the potential of PFT going to an overseas NFL game.
Mike Florio takes a deep dive into the potential settlement figures and fallout from the NFL’s Sunday Ticket case verdict.
Mike Florio breaks down the NFL Sunday Ticket trial verdict, discussing what comes next in court and how the money will get carved up.
Mike Florio discusses Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, questioning how much longer the two-time MVP will play in the NFL.
Mike Florio explores how long it could take for NFL teams to decide to kick out of the end zone, allowing 30 yards to opponents in the process for the sake of reducing injuries.
Mike Florio discusses Al Michaels’ A.I. voice being used for highlights in the upcoming Paris Olympics, questioning if NFL fans would want to hear A.I. commentary from legends such as John Madden and Pat Summerall.
Mike Florio opens up the PFTPM mailbag to answer fan questions about the impact of the Sunday Ticket trial, NFL antitrust exemption and more.
Mike Florio reacts to the verdict delivered in the NFL Sunday Ticket antitrust lawsuit trial, where the jury ordered the league to pay over $4 billion in damages.