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Bledsoe goes on offense with allegations

New wrinkle for Eric Bledsoe concerning the N.Y. Times story about possible NCAA violations: He might sue.

Didn’t see that one coming.

One aspect of the report was a boost in Bledsoe’s high school grades. According to Kentucky Sports Radio, Bledsoe is thinking about suing whoever leaked his high school transcripts. If that happens, we’ll find out just about everything we need to know. As the guys from Rush the Court write:

Whether or not Bledsoe moves forward with a lawsuit could tell us a lot about this situation, though, because whoever he names as a party in the suit could then subpoena his high school transcripts and any supporting documentation. In other words, if -- and yes, it’s still an “if” -- there’s any impropriety there, it will come out in discovery.

Everyone in favor of having the facts come out? Yeah? Excellent. Me too.

Though I should say, if you’d prefer to simply read a well-written, well-reasoned essay on the entire “Bledsoe situation,” try this.

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