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Don’t mess with Mike Miller? Good idea ...

True story: When flying back from Mexico on a senior class trip, I was stopped at customs for over an hour because officials did an extensive search of my bag and my papers. They didn’t find anything, but they had to check. Turns out there was a drug dealer with the same full name and birthday. That was a bit extreme, but that’s how it goes with the name Mike Miller. Everybody knows one.

Or everybody thinks you’re the pro basketball player.

And now -despite that fat $30 million deal he signed with the Miami Heat - I’m not sure I want to be confused with that Mike Miller. At least when it comes to someone picking a fight.

See, he’s a huge MMA fan and has been training with some MMA fighters. From MMAWeekly:

“The program that these guys are going through is the most ridiculous program I’ve seen. They work out harder than anybody. The hardest workouts I’ve ever been through, that’s why I came down here though. I realized how hard these guys work, and I felt like I might as well join them. It’s been a good experience.”

And it seems as if he knows what’s coming.

“All the conditioning, and my ground and pound is going to be something people are going to be talking about,” Miller joked.

Does that mean don’t mess with Mike Miller? Hmm. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to spread around that news.

Mike Miller’s also on Twitter @BeyndArcMMiller, usually talkin’ hoops. Click here for more.