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Ex-Louisville guard Chris Jones not indicted on sexual assault charges

Chris Jones, Nick Zeisloft

AP Photo


A grand jury declined to indict former Louisville guard Chris Jones and his two co-defendants on rape and sodomy charges stemming from an incident in February that got Jones dismissed from the Cardinal basketball team.

Jones’ lawyer, Scott C. Cox, told reporters that every witness in room at the time of the alleged assault, other than the two accusers, supported Jones’ and his story, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

In a separate story, the Courier-Journal reported that Jones and his co-defendants said that the former player had consensual sex with two women that night.

The issues that got Jones booted from the basketball team began a week before the alleged assault occurred. Jones, who had already spent time in head coach Rick Pitino’s dog house for his attitude in practice and his penchant for jacking up jump shots, was suspended for a game as a result of a threatening message that he sent a girlfriend. After returning to the team, he was then booted for what Louisville initially said was the result of a curfew violation. Later in the week, news broke that Jones was being accused of a crime.