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Florida’s Will Yeguete befriends young boy with cancer (VIDEO)

Will Yeguete

Stories and acts like this never get old. Never.

In February of 2013, Florida senior forward Will Yeguete developed a special friendship and bond with a young boy who has battled cancer -- lymphoblastic leukemia, to be specific -- for nearly his entire life.

The video demonstrates what kind of young man Yeguete, who is a native of Africa, is and the impact he has had on young Kaedyn Ballew.

Kaedyn Ballew is a 4-year-old boy living in Ocala, Florida. He loves riding his toy tractor, licking the chocolate icing off of doughnuts and chasing his Popeyes Chicken with blueberry coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. He’s no different from many other kids his age, except his best friend is the forward for the Florida Gators. This is a story of a superhero and a student athlete.

If you need to be uplifted, take the time to watch Will Yeguete interact with Kaedyn.

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