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Hopefully recruits have established text/phone call guidelines before midnight


At midnight on June 15 the rules of the recruiting game change, as coaches will be allowed to contact players who have completed their sophomore year of high school via phone call or text message without a limit.

It’s a rules change that was long overdue, and one that coaches across the country seem to be in favor of.

Kansas coach Bill Self: I think it’s good. I do. We’ve got to the point where, and it’s nobody’s fault, but we have rules for the rules. The book has grown and everything. Anytime you can put yourself in a situation where there’s more communication and you get to know families and recruits better, I think that’s nothing but positive. I think that should help a ton. So I think it’s positive. I think it’s going to be more work for coaches, but I think the good far outweighs the bad. (credit: Jeff Eisenberg, Yahoo! Sports)

This change, along with the addition of two weekends in late April to the evaluation period, can only help coaches get to know prospective student-athletes and their families (and vice versa).

But the key thing that hopefully parents and their children have done leading up to midnight is set up guidelines for the coaches who may be calling or texting.

Some coaches will be more than ready to make their midnight texts and phone calls while others will choose to stick with more “traditional” times for such messages.

With so many coaches having families of their own, and some who have gone through the recruiting process as parents themselves, it’s likely that there won’t too many instances of coaches going overboard.

Creighton coach Greg McDermott: I’m probably still on the fence. Having been the father of someone who went through the recruiting process, I’ve seen it from both sides. It can be a disruptive process if you allow it to become that, so I think it’s going to be really important for our staff to make sure we do our due diligence in researching each individual and each family. Some will be intrigued by the fact that coaches can call every day and text every day, and there will be others that will prefer to have the recruitment take place on their schedule in a way they feel isn’t disruptive to their family life. That research I think is going to be important as we get to know some of these guys. (credit: Jeff Eisenberg, Yahoo! Sports)

How well this rule works will ultimately be dictated by the players being recruited and their families. Unlike “snail mail” frequent messages from schools could become more of nuisance in this new scenario.

(Could you imagine a coach sending a kid hundreds of texts in a row, similar to schools that send hundreds of recruiting letters in one shipment?)

If guidelines in regards to when coaches call and how often they do are established there really shouldn’t be a problem.

And if all else fails just do what Jabari Parker decided to do: he changed his phone number and didn’t tell anyone the new number.

Raphielle is also the assistant editor at and can be followed on Twitter at @raphiellej.