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VIDEO: Nebraska players try Australian spread Vegemite (and absolutely hate it)

Nebraska has a roster with a few international players this season. This has led to the Huskers producing a fun video segment called “Tastes Like Home.” In the segment, players on Nebraska are introduced to foreign foods that one of their teammates eats back home.

Junior forward Jack McVeigh hails from Australia. So McVeigh, like many Australians, grew up eating Vegemite, a yeast extract spread that is popular there. Australians use the salty, black spread for toast, sandwiches, crumpets and biscuits -- among other things.

Unfortunately for McVeigh, his beloved Vegemite wasn’t very popular among his Nebraska teammates.

In fact, they absolutely hated it.

It’s pretty common for Americans to despise Vegemite. Nebraska’s players aren’t acting like spoiled college kids with a limited palette here. Even former President Barack Obama publicly mentioned his disdain for the spread when former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard visited a Virginia high school with him in 2011.

Although Nebraska wasn’t feeling the Vegemite, McVeigh didn’t do his teammates any favors with the way he told them to eat it. Describing Vegemite as being like chocolate is a cruel thing to do. Most Australians also don’t use large amounts of Vegemite. They typically use a thin layer of it on whatever they are eating.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman demonstrated the proper way to eat Vegemite in a segment with Jimmy Fallon a few years back and the response from Fallon was much more positive.

I don’t think Nebraska will be eating Vegemite with McVeigh anytime soon. At least McVeigh didn’t make his teammates try truly bizarre food concoctions like Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic did with his teammates earlier this week.

Mirotic fancies himself some jelly and mayo sandwiches. He also dips his Oreos in orange juice. I think Nebraska got off light here with the Vegemite.