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A look inside Father Hesburgh’s Domer Den

Theodore Hesburgh

A quick call to an ambassador in Russia. Early entry into communist China. Bartering with the President of the United States for the only civilian ride on an SR-71 Blackbird. More medals and honors then the most decorated Olympian. (He’s even got a torch from the Salt Lake games laying around...)

To call Father Theodore Hesburgh, the President Emeritus of Notre Dame, a living legend is a disservice to the man. Living above the University on the 13th floor of the library bearing him name, Hesburgh is one of America’s true national treasures, and the fine folks in the Notre Dame Athletics department got a quick tour from Father Ted and shared it in their Domer Dens feature.

(Tough break for the slouch who has to follow this episode up...)

While this isn’t a football story, I thought this was worth sharing, if only for the trip it took me down memory lane. I was lucky enough to spend some time up in Father Ted’s 13th floor nook when I was a student, sharing a private mass with my roommates and our moms on a spring weekend. If I knew then what I knew now, I’d have spent a little bit more time looking around.