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Heat check... yep, Richt’s seat is smokin’

At a meeting of the UGA Athletic Association Friday night, one board member spoke up and told the association that "[m]any of us are concerned about the state of the football program.”

After Saturday’s developments, we doubt the board members are feeling any warmer or fuzzier about the state of Georgia football.

Yes, they played exponentially better than in the opener against Boise State. Yes, they lost by just three points to a South Carolina team that was the overwhelming favorite to come out of the SEC East.

This was neither horshoes nor hand grenades, however; close doesn’t count. And, in spite of a very valiant effort and a much better performance than in the opening-game loss to Broncose, the Bulldogs are in trouble.

And, in turn, Mark Richt is in serious trouble.

Prior to tonight’s 45-42 loss, Richt acknowledged this was a big game for the program. And certainly the showing between the hedges would be enough to mollify the Bulldog masses -- were it not for the 6-7 record in 2010 and the 0-2 start this season.

Earlier this week, in the midst of questioning about his future, Richt got chippy with reporters constantly asking questions about his future.

Does everybody want me to snap? Is that what they want? You all want to see me snap, is that what it is?” Richt said “Well we don’t discuss what happens in the locker room. But if you guys want to see me throw a table or something, I’ll do that, and smash a camera, if that makes everybody feel better.”

We’re guessing plenty of the UGA faithful snapped and were ready to throw a table following the latest loss. Or ready to throw Richt through a table after the latest loss.

Look, Richt is truly one of the nicest human beings in the coaching profession, and one of the classiest and most morally-grounded men you’ll ever meet. However, bidness is bidness, and the bidness of SEC football is to win football games, especially at a university like Georgia.

The past two-plus years, Richt has failed miserably in that category, the most important category when it comes to retaining your job as a head football coach in the SEC.

I honestly hope that UGA can turn it around, because the game of football needs coaches like Richt in it. And the schedule is certainly favorable for a turnaround as the Bulldogs avoid Alabama, LSU and Arkansas this year.

Recent precedent, however, suggests that may be too much to ask, and we could be counting down the days till the end of the Richt Era sooner rather than later.