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Mike Leach apologizes for (another) controversial Twitter post

Mississippi State fans are getting the full Mike Leach experience before even taking a snap.

The Bulldogs head coach issued a formal apology via Twitter on Thursday for a post on the social media platform he made late the night before that rightfully upset a lot of folks in and around the state -- including many on his own team.

Per the Mississippi Clarion Ledger, the post in question was intended as a joke in light of social distancing due to the coronavirus but was off the mark given some of the undertones brought up in it.

The picture depicted an elderly woman with knitting sticks in her hands. The caption said, “After 2 weeks of quarantine with her husband, Gertrude decided to knit him a scarf..”

The lady was not knitting a scarf, but rather a noose. The hangman’s knot was already tied. Multiple Mississippi State football players and a Mississippi State University professor took exception to the tweet, which has been deleted from Leach’s account.

For all the success that Mike Leach has had between the lines, incidents such as this are a good reason why he has been connected to numerous openings but rarely hired by athletic directors.

Heck, this isn’t even the first time the former Washington State and Texas Tech coach has come under fire for his usage of social media. Just last year he got into a spat with a reporter and is a frequent tweeter on political subjects that rile up followers on both sides of the aisle.

While it is unproductive for many to say things like ‘Stick to sports’ in a culture ingrained with free expression, perhaps the new MSU head coach would be better off for it. We know there’s not a ton to do right now with college football on lockdown but Leach would probably be best just enjoying the view in Key West and putting that phone down unless he’s calling a recruit.