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Tuberville seeks résumé padding, wants ’04 title revote

Given the sanctions handed down by the NCAA earlier today, there exists the possibility that the BcS could strip USC of their 2004 national title.

If that edict were indeed to come down from whatever immoral high ground the BcS has perched themselves upon this time around, one of the head coaches of one of the three schools -- USC, Oklahoma, Auburn -- that entered the postseason that year undefeated would like the voters to to go all playground on the sh-t and have a do-over.

By way of the Dallas Morning News, former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville told ESPN‘s Mark Schlabach that he and his former school didn’t raise a fuss at the time but, dadgummit, his Tigers deserve to at least be considered as the default national champions if the Trojans are stripped of their BcS crystal.

“We never complained when they went by the process the last time, and they should go by the process this time,” Tuberville told Schlabach. “If they were ineligible, I think they should have a revote and let people vote on it and decide who they think was the best team that year. If everybody thinks it was Oklahoma, that’s fine. If everybody thinks it was Auburn, that’s fine.”

Seriously, #Tubs, and no offense meant, but shut the hell up.

You are now the head football coach at Texas Tech and are five-and-a-half years removed from that grimy, two-faced, disrespectful organization preventing your undefeated team from rightfully having a shot at the crystal.

That was Jan., 2005; this is June, 2010. Get over it. Move on -- at least publicly.

I’m sure your current employer and their ongoing legal entanglements would appreciate it.