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Tuesdays with Charlie: Michigan State edition

Coach Weis just finished up his remarks on Michigan State and while I won’t have a final word count on his opening statement until the transcript is up, here are a few quick tidbits that I think people will find interesting:

On Michael Floyd:

Weis made it clear that “Floyd doesn’t have a knee injury, he’s got 15 stitches in his knee.” Then he used a Minnesota analogy, something that made me especially proud. “We told him he’s from Minnesota,” Weis said. “We gave him a hockey analogy -- if you get 15 stitches in a hockey injury, you’d be out five minutes.”

On other injuries/ailments:

James Aldridge probably won’t be able to go this Saturday. Weis had him listed as “doubtful.” In better news, Armando Allen is good to go. “Bruised ego, that’s about it,” Weis said.

Interestingly enough, Weis is more worried about swine flu than just about anything else. “I’m concerned because at any university you’ve got thousands and thousand of students living in close proximity,” Weis said.

On rebounding from last week’s disappointing loss:

Weis looked like he’s honestly put the game past him, which I think says a lot about the opponent the Irish are playing this week. He also credited the team captains for stepping up.

“I thought they did a very, very, very good job with Sunday,” Weis said. “Monday is a players day off, but there were tons of players just stopping by to check in... The message got across.”

On the current offensive weapons compared to what he had with the Patriots:

Weis was pretty open about just how talented he thought the skill players were in the current Irish offense. He thinks they might even be more talented than his Super Bowl winning teams with the Patriots.

“We didn’t have weapons like this,” Weis said. “Jimmy’s doing a heck of a job... He’s getting time to throw and the defensive coordinators have to pick their poison.”