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Judge denies Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend’s request to rehear case


A South Florida judge has denied a request from attorneys representing Tiger Woods’ former girlfriend to rehear a residential dispute that challenged a non-disclosure and acknowledgement agreement between Woods and Erica Herman.

Last month, a Martin Country (Fla.) judge upheld the NDA between Woods and Herman and in a three-paragraph ruling issued Monday, judge Elizabeth Metzger denied Herman’s request for a rehearing.

Herman’s attorney had argued that “the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently held that a party cannot be forced to arbitrate without a finding that she agreed to do so, which means that in this case – with no evidence in the record – arbitration should not be compelled, or, at a minimum, an evidentiary hearing should be held.”

Her attorneys also argued that she never conceded “the existence of an agreement to arbitrate,” but in Metzger’s 11-page ruling last month she held that Herman’s claims of authenticity of the NDA were not enough to force an evidentiary hearing.

Herman sued Woods and the trust that owns his South Florida mansion for $30 million, the amount of rent she said she would have to pay for a similar piece of beachfront property for six years.