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And That Happened: Tuesday’s scores and highlights

Rockies 11, Padres 10: It’s long been obvious that the Rockies are charmed this year, but when they win despite a horrible outing from their starter and a bullpen meltdown and still win, that just seals it. Inside the park homer for Barmes, though it took Edgar Gonzalez dislocating his shoulder while diving for it to make it so.

Yankees 6, Angels 5: The Yankees clinch. They also came back after blowing five-run lead and held on for a rare win in Anaheim.

Diamondbacks 10, Giants 8: Mark Reynolds broke his own strikeout record. Which shouldn’t be a big deal given that he’s got a .922 OPS, but that didn’t stop the dude in front of me on the plane Monday night going on and on about how Reynolds sucks “because he can’t make contact.”

Reds 10, Pirates 4: I have a friend with Pirates season tickets for some reason. This is him via Blackberry during the game “I’m behind home plate @ Pirates v. Reds - about 5 real players - this sucks - kill me now.”

Athletics 9, Rangers 1: It’s easy this time of year to sort of write off every team that has had a poor season as a wreck and feel sorry for their fans and generally just want it to all end quickly (as many of my recaps today suggest). But you have to remember that there are still games to be played and that games, on an individual basis, still matter. People still enjoy them for their own sake and haven’t simply moved on to football or the hot stove season or whatever. That was brought home to me during my trip this past weekend, as many people I talked to in the Bay Area were rather excited about the A’s strong September. They’re not showing up in droves, but people are watching and listening and are simply happy to have baseball.

Cardinals 11, Astros 2: Often at this time a year I wonder if teams can’t simply pay some fee to the league office that would allow them to simply forfeit every remaining game rather than go out and embarrass themselves the way Houston is as the season comes to a close.

Royals 5, Red Sox 1: Zack Greinke pretty much sewed up the Cy Young award with this one, right? His 15th win in front of the influential Boston press corps. puts the exclamation point on a strong finish.

Dodgers 14, Nationals 2: Three . . . thats the magic number. Yes it is. Its the magic number. Somewhere in this hip-hop soul community, was born three Mase, Dove and me, and that’s the magic number.

Phillies 9, Marlins 3; Marlins 3, Phillies 0: Joe Blanton gave up two hits in seven innings in the first; Anibal Sanchez allowed two hits in eight innings in the second. I like symmetry.

Mariners 4, Rays 3: Tampa Bay is eliminated. The team, not the bay itself. That would be catastrophic.

Tigers 3, Indians 1: Some wonder whether Edwin Jackson is hurt or tired or is tipping his pitches or whatever, but it seems he simply hasn’t faced the Indians enough.

Braves 3, Mets 1: Jair Jurrjens allows only one run on five hits as the Mets painful season draws closer and closer to a merciful end. The Braves have won 10 of 12, but it’s going to be too little, too late.

Twins 8, White Sox 6: The Twins have won eight of nine, and are showing themselves to be a better overall team than the Tigers, but can they close the 2.5 game gap? Whatever happens, we can thank them for giving us an actual race as the season winds down.

Cubs 7, Brewers 2: The Cubs won their third straight since suspending Milton Bradley for the season. Coincidence? Doesn’t matter, because it will not be viewed as such when it comes time to decide what to do with the guy next year.

Blue Jays 6, Orioles 5: See Houston comment above.