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Wanna buy Cubs playoff tickets? Fill out a fan loyalty survey first.

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This is fun. The Cubs are having a postseason ticket lottery. Which, of course they are, as WAY more people are going to want to buy tickets than are available. The pent-up demand for postseason Cubs baseball is big. So: good for the lottery.

Bad for the lottery: the page in which you enter requires you to fill out a survey which asks you just how loyal a Cubs fan you are. How often you go to games and how passionate a fan you are:

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.13.54 AM

Mere market research? Possibly. Or maybe just a bit of fun. But it’s worth noting that nowhere on the form does it say that your answers WON’T be considered for purposes of the lottery. Which, I suppose, makes it possible that the Cubs are weighing lottery chances based on how serious a fan the entrant is. On the other hand, it’s not like you’re under oath here or anyone is checking, so why would you not just say that you’re a CRAZY UNHINGED MEGAFAN WHO WOULD SOONER DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS THAN SEE THE CUBS LOSE?

Whether it is research or something else, it does seem somewhat pointless to put this sort of thing on your web page. But then again, the decisions people make about what to do with their web pages are utterly baffling to me, so I’m probably the wrong guy to judge.