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We have a late “best shape of his life entry”

Someone’s gonna catch hell for this. The guild does not like it when spring training stories slip into the regular season. It just totally screws up the whole deal:

In Gavin Floyd’s estimation, he ran into trouble before he stepped on the mound last season.

During the day, Floyd would load up on carbohydrates and finish the day with “lots of deserts.”

“Everyone has a sweet tooth,” Floyd said.

Thanks to a more disciplined diet, Floyd dropped 25 pounds in the offseason, which he hopes will translate into pitching deep into the season and not suffer the hip problem he experienced at the end of 2009 because of excess weight.

That’s great and all, but what’s next? Guys “just gettin’ their work in” in July? Pitchers developing a new pitch in June? Team chemistry going into the dumper and managers getting fired in March? There’s a natural order to things, you know? To upset that is to invite chaos.