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Composure keeps Dylan Ferrandis atop Motocross Power Rankings after Budds Creek

Motocross Rankings Budds Creek

The top of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Power Rankings remains unchanged after Budds Creek as the strongest riders continued to fare well in Round 9.

With six motos and three rounds remaining in 2021, the championship is taking shape, but some riders who lost momentum paid the price of lost points in the past 45 days despite earning recent strong runs.

A fifth-place finish in Moto 1 at Washougal and in Moto 2 at Spring Creek should have been the low point for Dylan Ferrandis. His demeanor at Unadilla was even worse, however, as he watched his principal rival in the points, Ken Roczen, dominate that race with maximum points. It momentarily looked as bad in Moto 1 at Budds Creek when Roczen jumped out to an early lead and Ferrandis was forced to ride forward from seventh.

When Ferrandis caught Roczen on the last lap of Moto 1, the power shifted even though he could not get around him. Ferrandis won Moto 2 by passing Roczen. The net loss of points was zero. That composure under pressure is one of the reasons Ferrandis is still atop the rankings.

Likewise the riders second and third in the Pro Motocross Power Ranking showed their poise at Budds Creek. Second-place Eli Tomac earned a 4-3. Third-ranked Chase Sexton had a 3-4 as the two riders keep one another in sight.

For both Tomac and Sexton, it was the fourth time in nine rounds they swept the top five in both motos.

Marvin Musquin climbed to fourth last week on the strength of a pair of top-five finishes in the overall results at Washougal and Unadilla. He did not lose ground with his seventh-place overall at Budds Creek.

For Roczen, who remains fifth in the Motocross Power Rankings after Budds Creek, his effort is still being held back with consecutive disappointments at Spring Creek and Washougal. His last two rounds have been nearly perfect, but it’s too soon to tell if he will keep his momentum for three more weeks.

450 Power Rankings (Last Week)

    1. Dylan Ferrandis [5 overall, 5 moto wins] (1)
    2. Eli Tomac [3 moto wins] (2)
    3. Chase Sexton [1 overall, 1 moto win] (3)
    4. Marvin Musquin (4)
    5. Ken Roczen [2 overall, 7 moto wins] (5)
    6. Cooper Webb (7)
    7. Joey Savatgy (8)
    8. Max Anstie (10)
    9. Christian Craig (6)
    10. Dean Wilson (9)
    11. Brandon Hartranft (11)
    12. Justin Bogle (12)
    13. Chris Canning (14)
    14. Coty Schock (22)
    15. Justin Rodbell (16)
    16. Jacob Runkles (18)
    17. Ryan Surratt (17)
    18. Ben Lamay (15)
    19. Aaron Plessinger (13)
    20. Jeremy Hand (19)

In 250s, the top three riders held position.

If not for missing a round to injury and scoring a 11-14 at the Wick while riding hurt, Jeremy Martin would be in the thick of the championship hunt. All he can do for the moment is stack trophies, which he did at Budds Creek with the overall victory and Moto 2 win. His worst performance in the last three rounds was a a trio of third-place finishes in Moto 1 of the last three races.

The 1-1 weekend sweep continues to elude Justin Cooper, who won Moto 1 in the last three rounds and then failed to podium in Moto 2 each time. The 25 points banked early in the round has been enough to help maintain the points lead, but he is becoming increasingly frustrated. He still has a perfect record of overall podiums to his credit, however.

Jett Lawrence has been less consistent overall during the season, but stronger in the last two rounds with worst of second in four motos. He has only one moto win in the last 45 days, and that has denied him the red plate.

There is a big gap between third-place Jett and his brother Hunter Lawrence now that Michael Mosiman has been eliminated from the ranking with injury. The current fourth-place rider, Hunter, earned his position with consistency and five top-fives in the last four rounds.

RJ Hampshire rounds out the top five with three overall top-five finishes and a seventh in the past 45 days.

250 Power Rankings (Last Week)

  1. Jeremy Martin [3 overall, 6 moto wins] (1)
  2. Justin Cooper [1 overall, 5 moto wins] (2)
  3. Jett Lawrence [2 overall, 4 moto wins] (3)
  4. Hunter Lawrence [1 overall, 2 moto wins] (5)
  5. RJ Hampshire [1 overall] (6)
  6. Max Vohland (8)
  7. Austin Forkner (11)
  8. Dilan Schwartz (9)
  9. Carson Mumford (10)
  10. Jo Shimoda (7)
  11. Levi Kitchen (NA)
  12. Preston Kilroy (NA)
  13. Jarrett Frye (12)
  14. Ty Masterpool (16)
  15. Jalek Swoll [1 overall, 1 moto win] (13)
  16. Seth Hammaker (NA)
  17. Joshua Varize (19)
  18. Derek Kelley (20)
  19. Brandon Scharer (17)
  20. Ramyller Alves (21)