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NASCAR America: Jeff Burton reflects on the many recent changes to the sport

Jeff Burton takes us to the Mayor's Office to explain how NASCAR's stage racing has worked and how it could change moving forward.

A lot has changed in NASCAR in the recent years, from the introduction of stage formats in races, elimination-style playoffs, downforce packages and major alterations to the Cup Series’ schedule beginning next season.

In the “Mayor’s Office” on NASCAR America, analyst Jeff Burton took time to share his thoughts on what the changes mean for the state of the sport.

“There’s always a danger when you do make change of making the wrong change,” Burton said. “That’s one of the most difficult parts, even as a race team. When you’re winning race and kicking everyone’s butt and you’ve got everybody where you want them. If you don’t change, they’ll catch you and they’ll beat you.”

Burton later added, “It’s clear that our fans were wanting something different. You can see it in the grandstands, you can see it in the number people watching on TV.”

Burton believes “there’s a risk” in making too many big changes that fans can’t keep track of and there doesn’t need to be any more big changes going into 2018.

“We need to let the fans settle in, truly understand this sport for several years and not have to keep getting re-educated on how this sport works,” Burton said.

Watch the video for the full segment.