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Amar’e Stoudemire... is back

It’s a sign of how quickly public perception moves that Amar’e Stoudemire was considered a liability as soon as just two years after he was an MVP candidate. Stoudemire had a rough run from the time GM Steve Kerr brought in Shaquille O’Neal, and was considered so much of a trade asset that his value declined.

Now? The Amar’e Stoudemire we used to know, the one that brought terror to his opponents, who ran the most devastating pick and roll in the league with Steve Nash, the threat to go for 40 any night of the week? That Amar’e is back.

And he’s pissed off, apparently.

In STAT’s (we’re not calling you Sun Tzu, Amar’e. Sorry. Ain’t happening.) last eight games, he’s averaging 30 points and 10 assists. In the words of one of my favorite memes, “Whut?

This is an insane stretch for Stoudemire, who has the Suns back from the brink of falling out of the playoffs and in a position to challenge for home court in the first round. He dropped 44 on the Jazz last night, scoring the Suns’ first 11 points all by himself. Carlos Boozer said Stoudemire “dominated” the Jazz last night.

Don’t feel bad, Carlos. That’s just what Stoudemire is back to doing.