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Another day, another Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan alley-oop reverse slam

This play is just a bread and butter part of the Clipper offense at this point, but it works because Blake Griffin is such a great passer and it’s hard to defend all the options.

Griffin sets a screen out high for Jamal Crawford (in this case, Chris Paul and others fill that role as well) then while the ball-handler probes and draws defenders Griffin half-rolls to the free throw line, where Griffin gets an easy bounce pass back. DeAndre Jordan is lurking around on the baseline and when his big man rotates over to take away the lane so Griffin can’t throw down his own monster dunk (and the help has to come way out because Griffin can knock down that jumper, too), Jordan makes a cut to the rim, takes the alley-oop pass and throws it down. Today they did it with a reverse jam, just to add to the degree of difficulty.

Everyone knows it’s coming, but stopping this play is just not simple. Orlando couldn’t come close on this play, but they came close in the game falling to the Clippers 103-101.