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Boozer people talk to Jazz people

If history has taught us one thing, it is that we will not know where Carlos Boozer is going to play basketball next year until he actually signs a contract. And the league approves it. And even then it’s like 95 percent he plays there the next year.

Boozer’s current team -- the Utah Jazz -- wants to be in the conversation. So according to Ross Siler of the the Salt Lake Tribune all the parties sat down and talked yesterday.

For the first time since the controversy of last summer, Jazz chief executive Greg Miller met in person Wednesday with Rob Pelinka, the agent for Carlos Boozer.

Also present were Jazz president Randy Rigby and general manager Kevin O’Connor, though Miller was believed to have done most of the talking. The meeting in Utah was said to have been “very, very positive” between the sides.

This is a nice gesture, signifying nothing. We don’t know if the Jazz are serious or just going through the motions to appease Deron Williams and the fanbase. We don’t know if Boozer really wants to stay.

Pelinka is going to field a lot of calls -- Miami, New York, New Jersey and others -- about Boozer’s services. It will give Boozer the chance to compare quality of life in various cities, chances to win a ring, where he feels comfortable and...

Who are we kidding? It will come down to the money. It always comes down to the money.