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Byron Scott is not evil, just needs fashion advice

Image (1) Bscott_tie-thumb-350x437-22181.jpg for post 6317

If you don’t hang out on NBA message boards... good for you. You have a life, please go enjoy it. Don’t change.

But you may have missed this photo making the rounds. It’s the Cavaliers coaching staff from media day. Now take a good look at Byron Scott’s tie... yup, that’s a swastika in the tie pattern. No, this is not a photoshop touched up shot, this is it straight. It’s a swastika tie.

The photos have been making their way around (KD brought it forward at Ball Don’t Lie). And it means... nothing. Byron Scott is not a Nazi sympathizer, not a skinhead in the derogatory sense. He is not racist. Not sexist. He’s a good guy.

He just made a poor tie choice, probably looking right past the design. I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t seen it pointed out. But once you see it, that’s all you see. And of course I didn’t stand there and stare at it in the store and decide to buy it, then look at it in the mirror in the morning when I put it on and still not see the pattern.

However, still no big conspiracy here. Just a mistake.

The Cavaliers are going to have enough problems going forward without people trying to read nefarious motives into ties. If you really want to help out Scott, send him some ties.

Or Scott can just go find Don Nelson and get his fish ties. Nelson’s not using them anymore.