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Celtics post ridiculously obvious sign in locker room

They have All-Star appearances, MVPs, All-NBA marks, franchise records, places in history, and an NBA title.

Yet apparently they still needed to be reminded of cliche platitudes to perform to a level befitting their salary.

Today the Celtics found a new sign in their locker room (via the Boston Globe), that said:


Not exactly Ubuntu, is it?

It’s not my intent to pile on the C’s during a tough stretch. It’s just that this team needs more than just a pretty basic reminder of something they already know. This team isn’t comprised of gunners looking to get their own stats. It’s made of All-Stars who may or may not have already passed their prime, and Rajon Rondo.

Their difficulty against the Cavs wasn’t one of individual selfishness, it was a matter of being unable to keep up with a smaller lineup, the same way they struggled against Atlanta and Orlando’s athleticism.

Maybe the sign will work. As I write this, the Celtics are demolishing a Nets team. But then, the Nets play as a team, too. Just not a good enough one. Sound familiar?

UPDATE: Whoops.