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Video surfaces of DeMarcus Cousins shouting obscenities at Sacramento Bee columnist

demarcus cousins sacramento bee

DeMarcus Cousins isn’t known for his control of his emotions, and video of a recent locker room shouting session directed at Sacramento Bee columnist Andy Furillo won’t help change that perception.

In a video posted to the Bee’s website, a shirtless Cousins can be seen confronting Furillo and pointing a finger in his face while dropping f-bombs.

Cousins was apparently angry about a column Furillo wrote about his and Matt Barnes’ involvement in a fight at New York nightclub, where Barnes is alleged to have choked a woman and Cousins is alleged to have punched a man.

In the article, Furillo referenced another nightclub outing that found Cousins in hot water alongside his brother, Jaleel.

It was the reference to Jaleel that apparently set Cousins off.

WARNING: NSFW language ahead.

“We’re going to have some real f--king issues. Don’t ever mention my brother again. You don’t know my f--king brother. F--king coward. You say whatever the f--k you want to say about me but don’t mention my motherf--king family.

After the outburst, Cousins refused to speak to media members until Furillo left the locker room, according to the Bee.

For context, here is the passage from Furillo’s column that Cousins was apparently upset about:

For Cousins, this is his second late-night outing on the club circuit this year that ended badly. In May, TMZ caught him at The DrYnk in Tampa with his younger brother, Jaleel. The celebrity gossip website reported that he and his brother were trying to get into the club’s DJ area when a confrontation broke out. Jaleel wound up getting shocked with a Taser and arrested while friends hustled DeMarcus out of the place.

The Sacramento Bee has responded with an editorial by Executive Editor and Senior Vice President Joyce Terhaar, who said that Furillo was providing basic journalistic context in reference to the incident in Florida, and that Cousins has been a bully in the past. She also wrote that it was a failure of Kings management to allow him to act in such a manner towards journalists.

However, there has already been some writing on the video above from alternate media in Sacramento. According to local site Sactown Royalty, Furillo has been highly critical of Cousins in the past, so the interaction between the two has some contextual baggage to understand.

Meanwhile, the team has responded with a statement saying, “We are committed to being open and transparent, and any hint of media censorship is unacceptable. There is an ongoing review into this matter, and we will take the appropriate steps immediately upon its conclusion.”