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Don Nelson is the all-time winningest coach in NBA history

You know, the script says I’m supposed to drop some sort of snarky reference to the lack of defense of the Golden State Warriors, and really any team in Don Nelson’s past. The script says I should make a crack about the Timberwolves (and trust me, I want to, it’s easy, and fun!).

But the fact is that after tonight’s Warriors win over the Wolves, Don Nelson has won more games in history of the National Basketball Association than any other person. And that’s a feat worth respecting.

The Warriors won behind solid, fundamental basketball behind a stout defensiv...sorry. Old habits.

Nelson’s been adamant about just wanting this record over with, and now he’s got it. He can just go back to doing what he does, which is how he got here in the first place.

The Frank Sinatra song “My Way” is cliche, but painfully apt here. Nelson has gotten here, despite his self-sabotage throughout his career, and he’s done it with little compromise. He’s still taking his players to the bar, still preaching his brand of offense-centric ball, and still burning bridges along the way.

You don’t have to like how Don Nelson has amassed more wins than any coach in NBA history, but you have to respect that he got there on his terms.