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Draymond Green goes on enjoyable rant about wannabe enforcers from 80s and 90s

BOSTON – Keep in mind: Draymond Green was asked who inspired his trash-talking, old-school-physicality style.

Not caring that this is a Wendy’s, the Warriors forward delightfully took his answer in a completely different direction.

The question mentioned 1980s Celtics player Cedric Maxwell, who said Green would’ve “got knocked the [****] out” back then. So, Green entertainingly railed against former players talking like that.

“There were a few guys back then that would lay you out, that would knock you out, that would foul you and get thrown out the game,” Green said. “Bill Laimbeer. Rick Mahorn. But everybody running around acting like they were that.

Y’all were getting bullied. So it, baffles me when every guy – just because they played in the ‘80s, just because they played in the ‘90s – is like, ‘Man, if you played in our day, you’d get knocked out.’

“Okay, so you’re saying Rick Mahorn would have knocked me out? Rick Mahorn probably knocks you out. Bill Laimbeer probably lays you out.”

The NBA did have more physicality back then. But someone tough as Green would have fit seamlessly. There’s a reason he doesn’t resemble the enforcers of yesteryear.

“Their fine was also two dollars,” Green said. “It’s just not the same day and age. If I go knock somebody out, I probably get fined a million dollars.”

Green also correctly pointed out today’s players are far more skilled than prior generations.

“Comparing the physicality of the game and everybody acting like they were just the most physical and brutal enforcers,” Green said, “it’s like everybody acting like they shoot the ball like Steph Curry today.”

“Imagine me in 20 years, like, ‘Man, if you played in my day, you had to shoot,’” Green said in a perfect dose of self-deprecating humor.