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Good to know Tracy McGrady is completely delusional about LeBron

Tracy McGrady is getting lots and lots of attention in New York for a guy who is barely able to get time because of injury. But good for him! He’s been quieted by Houston, and now he’s out and wants to soak it in a bit. Good to be chatty, and the media loves them some TMac.

But it turns out McGrady has also had another injury we weren’t aware of, a concussion. Because the only way he’s making the kind of statements he told reporters today he made is if he got whacked in the head with something. Via the New York Daily News:

Tracy McGrady made yet another reference today about recruiting LeBron James to New York. McGrady told reporters that after the Knicks traded for him two weeks ago he exchanged text messages with LeBron and told him “I’ll see you here next year.”

Okay, let’s throw out the Knicks lack of an attractive championship-caliber roster, their limited abilities under a reduced cap, their lack of a any sort of longterm assets due to trading away or swapping picks for the next three years. Toss all that aside and you still have a problem.

The odds of both the Knicks signing LeBron and then re-signing McGrady, even to a vet’s minimum, are astronomical. The Knicks have to A. convince another max-level player to come play with LeBron just to get James inside the Garden’s lobby, and then B. sign capable, reliable players to surround those two with so that they don’t waste the greatest free agent signing in the history of the NBA. Does Tracy McGrady fit that mold? Does Tracy McGrady fit the mold of a guy who would carry that guy’s bags?

McGrady was once a living legend, capable of dominating the game. Now he’s talking crazy like. The optimism is admirable, if frightfully out of touch with reality.