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Irony alert: Vladimir Radmanovic lectures Warriors about practice, effort


Vladimir Radmanovic — the man Phil Jackson called a “space cadet,” the man who coasted through games looking to jack up threes early in the shot clock — now wants the veteran leader role on the Warriors. Apparently.

The Warriors have struggled lately (something not helped by Stephen Curry’s ankle being as limp as overcooked spaghetti) and VladRad knew as a leader he needed to talk to his charges, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We’re struggling right now, and we need to find ways to get back to a winning streak,” Radmanovic said. “After being in the league for 10 years and playing on teams that have won and teams that have lost, I have experienced what it takes to win. Bottom line: You have to come to practice and work on aspects of your game that are not clicking...”

“Nobody likes to practice,” Radmanovic said. “We all wish we could just play in games, because that’s where it’s fun. No practice, no game. That’s the message I was trying to say to the guys.”

Don’t mind those sirens you hear, that’s just the irony alarms going off.

Just because we question if he should be the one delivering the message doesn’t mean Radmanovic is wrong, and most of his teammates agreed with his sentiment. Some more focused practices, focused on doing the little things right, might really help the Warriors. If that doesn’t work, Radmanovic can take the team snowboarding over the All Star Break.

Somewhere, Jackson is having a good laugh.