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Video: Kevin Durant highlights in his return to Seattle

durant green sonics

Kevin Durant was supposed to usher the Seattle SuperSonics into a new age of dominance when the Portland Trail Blazers passed over him with the first pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. That obviously fell through when the Sonics relocated to become the Oklahoma City Thunder, but Durant returned to Seattle to play a little bit of basketball on Sunday afternoon.

And, according to everything available regarding the game, Durant showed Seattle everything they were expecting him to do for the Sonics.

Durant scored an amazing 63 points while playing in the Jamal Crawford Pro-Am on Sunday afternoon, according to Tim Booth of the Associated Press, but those 63 points came on 62 shots and in 50 minutes and 15 seconds of playing time. Not surprisingly, he also had a few highlights (courtesy of the always great guys over at Ball Is Life):

Durant obviously wasn’t only finishing nasty dunks if he took 62 shots to score 63 points, but the dunks captured above? Wow ... not bad for a pro-am game, right?

As far as the top player on the other team was concerned, Jamal Crawford scored 46 points. Durant had fellow NBAer Spencer Hawes on his team, but Hawes reportedly wasn’t overly impressive -- and eventually had to see his 58-point record be broken by his teammate, too.