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NBA, players union describe meeting as “cordial and constructive”

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Here’s what really matters out of the three-hour meeting between the owners and the NBA Players Association today -- the two sides will be meeting again in smaller groups to tackle some of the tougher issues in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Meaning, they are moving on to the real work of negotiations. It’s something.

Here is the official statement from both sides:

“Today the NBPA and the NBA held another bargaining meeting that was both cordial and constructive. We all agreed to continue the dialogue, and during the three-hour meeting, a number of issues were identified that will be addressed in smaller groups leading up to the next bargaining meeting.”

Everybody we talk to -- on both sides of the issue -- keeps saying that a lockout is coming and everyone is expecting it to be nasty. But for now they are talking to each other and actually working on issues. So consider that a sliver of hope.