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Report: Allen Iverson to attend Game 6 in Philly against Boston

Allen Iverson Sixers

Allen Iverson — one of the most beloved Sixers — will be in the building in Philly Saturday night for what should an intense Game 6 against the Boston Celtics.

It’s a game where the Sixers need to play with the fire that Iverson always brought to the court.

Iverson’s attendance was first reported by Tzvi Twersky of SLAM and then the team CEO apparently confirmed the report, according to There will be a tribute to Iverson at one point.

Philly fans were already going to be fired up after Kevin Garnett called them “fair-weathered.” To which a Philly columnist responded saying that’s better than being racists… ugh. Did Boston have race issues in the past? Yes. Are there racists in Boston now? Yes. There are also racists in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, Peoria, Bakersfield, Springfield (all of them) and every other city in that Johnny Cash song. Sad but true. Boston does not have a corner on the racist market.

Anyway, Philly fans will rain boos down on Garnett, which is what he wants anyway. It fires him up.

But with Iverson there, the fans have something to cheer, also. And the current 76ers have someone to inspire them. If they play with AI’s fire they can force a Game 7.