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Report: Phil Jackson couldn’t get his computer to work during free agent pitch

Steve Mills,Phil Jackson

Steve Mills,Phil Jackson


Phil Jackson worked limited hours, infamously flubbed a tweet extolling his dated mindset (“how’s it goink?”) and reportedly fell asleep during a pre-draft workout.

It’ll be hard to top the stories of the former Knicks president falling asleep on the job, but we can at least add another fun example of Jackson being out of touch.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

When Jackson sat down with a free agent last July the meeting got off to an awkward start when Jackson couldn’t get his computer to work. General Manager Steve Mills had to step in to start the video of how Jackson envisioned the Knicks and the unnamed free agent would play.

That video? Footage of the ‘90s Chicago Bulls. The free agent in question was confused. He couldn’t figure out if Jeff Hornacek or Jackson was the coach. Either way, the player signed elsewhere.

I generally find it a little unsettling how stories ripping someone come to light only after he’s fired, traded or leaves as a free agent. But considering how ridiculously Phil Jackson mouthpiece Charley Rosen is putting out a counter-narrative, I’m here for this. Give me all the stories about Jackson’s ineptitude.