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Rockets’ Patrick Beverly looks like Bane when he works out

Mexico Cosplayers Photo Gallery

In this July 27, 2013 photo, cosplayer and graphic design teacher, Bruno Elizalde, 23, poses for a photo dressed as the latest incarnation of Batman super villain Bane, featured in the “The Dark Dark Knight Rises,” at La Mole Comic-Con Internacional in Mexico City. In the movie version directed by Christopher Nolan, the Batman nemesis, also known as “the man who broke the bat,” wears a headpiece that pumps gas into his brain to relieve the constant pain he suffers after he was attacked in a Middle East prison. The side effects of the gas cause him to bulk up, giving him super human strength. (AP Photo/Anita Baca)


I haven’t formally checked, but I’m fairly sure the “venom"/gas mask Bane wears in the Batman comic books and movies would violate the NBA’s banned substance list.

That’s not what the Rockets’ Patrick Beverley is doing, that mask helps simulate high altitude giving an already exhausting NBA off-season workout a thin air, gasping-for-breath quality. Beverley better be putting in the work this summer because without Jeremy Lin in town a lot more point guard load is going to fall on him (the guys behind him on the depth chart are much younger and more raw).

But man, that mask makes him look like Bane. I bet there was a great workout program at the Peña Dura prison.

I know who Beverley should go out as for Halloween this year.

Hat tip to Eric Freeman at Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie.