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Video: Larry Bird and Magic Johnson remind you what everyone’s playing for

Larry Bird Magic Johnson

ESPN’s rafters commercials have been really good. The Kevin Durant one held the promise of future, the Paul Pierce one held the reminder of glory for a franchise that hasn’t seen a title since 2008. The new “A Champion Will Rise” commercials speak to the league’s history, and feature two of the greatest to ever play the game.

Chills, man. Chills.

It brings to light what’s at stake here. We think of champions so much in the context of the now, of this season, of this era. But that title represents so much more in the very lives of these men. For LeBron James, it’s validation, for Paul Pierce, it’s proof. For Durant, it’s a message of arrival, for Duncan, it’s joy.

The sacrifice is given in exchange for the banner, for the ring, for the title. In a month, someone’s going to have their legacy changed forever.