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Holmes criminal case closed after police report released

PFT has received a copy of the incident report from the Orlando Police Department related to Santonio Holmes’ alleged battery on March 7.

The police say the case is now closed due to the victim’s declination to prosecute Holmes at the time of the incident. Anshoenoe Mills is suing Holmes in a civil case.

One aspect of the report stands out. After Holmes and Mills told conflicting stories, the police advised them charges would be filed against Holmes.

"[Mills] then asked this officer if she could speak to Holmes alone,” the police report reads. “I said yes and Holmes agreed to speak with her. They then walked several feet away from me and had a conversation.

“This officer observed Mills smiling and rubbing Holmes face just moments after walking off together,” the report continued. “Five minutes later the two returned and Mills advised this officer that they had resolved the matter and that she did not wish to press charges or get Holmes into any trouble. Mills had a small abrasion that was less than 1/4' [''] over her right eye. She refused medical attention. Mills wrote a sworn written statement in which she declined to prosecute.”

Florio is the legal expert around here, but we have to think that passage will be an important one for Mills to address in her civil case.

As Mike first reported, Holmes contends that another person -- a woman -- threw a glass at Mills’ face. The conflict between Holmes and Mills occurred when Holmes returned to a VIP area of Club Rain and Mills was in his seat.

Holmes says Mills started the confrontation by grabbing his wrist and yelling at him. Mills contended in the police report Holmes got in her face and threw a glass at her.

UPDATE: The Orlando Police Department also says “The timeliness of the report will be an administrative policy matter that will be reviewed.” In her civil case, Mills alleged that the Orlando Police Department failed to prepare a formal police report.