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Lame Monday night game beats classic ALCS game in ratings

It’s almost like the NFL scheduled the Jaguars and Titans on Monday night just to rub it in Major League Baseball’s face.

Despite a 30-3 final score and a matchup of teams in low-rated markets, Monday Night Football still got better ratings than Game Three of the American Championship League Series between the Yankees (top television market) and Rangers (fifth-rated market.)

The final ratings (7.2-6.5) was a lot closer than the football score. Both games were on cable, which kept the playing field even.

The football game had two backup quarterbacks in by halftime, while the baseball game was tight into the ninth inning and included an epic pitching performance by Cliff Lee.

There was a time in my life this would have surprised me. Of course, there was also a time in my life I would have watched the last few innings of baseball instead of staying with the football game to see how Trent Edwards, Damian Williams, and Tiquan Underwood looked.

I’m no longer surprised that so many of you feel the same way. The NFL is a behemoth, somehow rapidly picking up viewers when everything else on television is just trying to slow down erosion.

The owners and the players can’t possibly screw this up, right?